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The Healing Power Of Play

on Wed, 12/10/2011 - 15:43

I dedicate this article to the healthiest activity of the world. It has the power to unite persons of all ages, races, religions, sexes, beliefsystems, it doesn't judge mental or physical conditions. 

This activity transformed my life when I was diagnosed with breastcancer and became a "pink" girl. It also gave the biggest possibility to my child of expressing herself without words. Both of us could simply BE ourselves in doing it. Many people with me are involved in doing it, advocating it, LOVING it.  

Please meet PLAY and some of it's players.

Some weeks ago I organised a so called Playday in Lecco. A place where families could come and experience play in different forms. There was an open space for drawing, a corner for making music, the red tent for relaxing, a rainbow rice box for sensory play. Families could try out play as a 'research of self discovery' (Einstein). They could get dirty, without doing the cleaning part after, I did that with some great helpers :)

I believe in building our next generation together. And play has shown me how to do that, so there is no better moment than NOW to actually bring play forward! Play for healthy bodies, smart heads and happy hearts.

Play is best when it's done: 

In honor of the Inner child, not limiting yourself
While taking it easy
Not having expectations
Following the rythm of your child
With the courage also to be bored from time to time
In connection to eachother

...and how do you play? Share you favorite game with me!

I don't choose solitary play, the worldwide playcommunity inspires me: 

I enjoy playing as well! As adults we don't have many opportunities to really play. It is nice to get down on the floor or crawl around in the grass - share some time and an adventure with our children.
 The Kitchen Counter Chronicles

Play is the most cherished "bonding time" between my children and me... Nothing quite beats playing with each other regardless of what they can learn whilst they are at it.
Happy families play!

Red Ted Art

Play brings our family together- whether we are doing imaginative play, a game or plain goofing it is the glue that binds us together! I  learn about each of my children's individual interests and helps their personality grow! 
Classified Mom


Play is what kids do, and how they express themselves and develop. Parents don't need to provide expensive toys, just allow the children to use items from around the home to play with, their way, and have fun. 


Play is the best way to bring out the creative self because play is what comes naturally to children. 
Mommy Labs

Play for the sake of play and play motives, no agenda, no outcomes. Play as the most natural and humane act of life. 
Art of Learning

Play comes in different types: sensory play, outdoor play, imaginary play. And ofcourse free child - directed play. Each serve a different purpose in the child's development.
Mama Pea Pod

Letting children make the decisions in play and just going along for the ride, getting into the pretending and imagining, is the best and most fun for the kids and the grown-ups! 
Childwise Resource

Playing is actually easier for parents - once kids are engaged, and know how to sustain play, they are independent, learning, and happy. (Which tv/ video games won't do.) 
The Imagination Soup

At my house play opens up avenues to teach my son life lessons while playing.

JDaniel FoursMom

Play is just fun! And children happen to learn a LOT from doing it. Its important to introduce new ideas to your kids. But going with the flow. 
Hands on as we grow.

Play also sparks their imagination, creativity and desire to dream BIG!
Mom 2 posh lil divas

Boredom is not a bad thing. I've learned to just let my girls be bored at times. Some of their most imaginative play has come from being bored. They would have never taken their many trips to outer space if I would have entertained them instead of letting them be bored! :-) 

My Creative family & The Imagination Tree


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'Let's build our next generation together'
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