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A chocolate nose for HALLOWEEN - Naso di cioccolato

on Mon, 10/10/2011 - 23:38

I can eat my nose!


witch craft

Mangio mio naso!


tocco di strega

Ik eet mijn neus op!


heksen knutsel



1) Aluminium

2) Transforming

3) Good!

4) Concentration

5) Brrr....

6) Nose eating

7) Basta witch Craft, now eat DARK chocolate

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Non ho Paura - storia


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This really looks like fun!

Thanks for stopping by on my site dear playfriend!

Angelique & Chanel

Eating witch noses!? I love it! What a great idea to make a nose out of chocolate :)


Thank you Aleacia for passing by on my virtual playground! We had such fun indeed :)


Yum! This is totally right up my alley. I love anything chocolatey! Thanks for sharing this on our Best of October link up!

Thanks for passing by and leaving us darka nd sweet witches a message:)

Chanel & Angelique

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