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Becoming a cool, self reflective Parent - Happy Holidays in Happy Homes, 2

on Sun, 18/11/2012 - 23:14

Becoming a parent is my biggest adventure of self reflection

During the month of november Solgave, PlayDrMom and me write about happy holidays in happy homes. We want to inspire everybody to think of Christmas as a holiday of giving, without having to spend real money on it!
We would love to share with you the things that are “easy” and especially for FREE ---> happiness, hugs, kisses, love (but the list doesn’t stop here: sleeping till late, hearing your favorite song on a hectic morning, etc!).

I am not a philosopher, I am woman who claims to be an expert of her own life. My writings are based on the most valuable knowledge called experience.

Last time we wrote about LOVE & soulmates. I mentioned how important it has been for me to start accepting me the way I am before I could really love myself and others. Solgave in the person of Jared and Sunniva wrote how past experiences can make you ready for the now, while Laura @PlayDrMom so truely said having a soulmate means keep on working on love your whole life. You can find all posts on the bottom of this post!

This week we talk about 'becoming a parent'.
I want to present you my second best travelmate on this journey that’s called life. And tell you how this little person contributes to my happy home. (if you would like to know more about me and how my kid helped me to deal with my breastcancer please read the 'ABOUT ME- section')

My daughter

Chanel broke down the walls I build around that tiny little girl inside of myself. She made me start playing again and especially to slow down. While slowing down (read also ‘Play the slow way’, becoming one with your child) I got more time to take a better look at me. And to discover that all of my behavior was copied in one way or another by my daughter. When I had sad moments she would be more upset and unwilling in her daily routine, when I would sing and dance around the room she would adapt her voice to that and follow me curiously with her eyes. 

Name Chanel
Age 6
Profession Kid
Experience living in two houses; speaking three languages; travelling between 2 countries.
Hobby Jumping on the Bed - SInging Christmas Songs (CLICK!).
Favorite thing to say I do it my way...(yeah!)

This means in simple words that the more time I spend with her the more I got to know myself. And I learnt that she was my best mirror.

Chanel became my walking heart in the outside world (Here you can see how we've crafted a HEART together). And made me dare to come closer to who I am, giving me the courage to get over certain disappointments. Because I didn’t and don’t want my kid to be sad or unhappy just because I feel like that, I wish for her to be a kid.

These are the biggest changements that parenthood brought me:

I can walk on the street and actually hear a bird sing
I can stop when I see flowers, bend over and smell their flavour
I can clap my hand, snap my fingers and DANCE when the accordion man plays a tune
I can laugh out loud from joy
I can create my own music, sing to it, make art, produce playshops, write stories
I can live alone in peace and good health with my 6 year old in Italy

I have found out that children have an enormous potential to be mirrors and in that quality can become our greatest teachers. 
Just have a look at this picture....


And you? How did your life change when you became a parent?

Now hop over to Solgave "Becoming a parent is the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. Becoming a parent is the greatest honor I’ve ever been given.  Becoming a parent is the miracle I almost gave up hope on receiving" and PlayDrMom "I continue to become a parent everyday"and read what more they want to share with you about becoming a parent.

In the coming weeks we travel towards christmas and look forward to share some hands on real life experiences on the next topics with you:

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The series will be brought by you by three blogging parents: is more than a blog, it's a unique philosophy of life shared by Jared, an American now living in Sweden, and his wife Sunniva originally from Norway, and her 4 year old daughter Gabi, as they navigate the waters of life by focusing on the core elements that define them. Nature, animals, families, travel, healing, and overcoming obstacles are some of the things they share with passion.

PlayDRMom is a mother of 2 and a clinical psychologist specializing in children and play therapy. Her blog is dedicated to promoting the importance of play and strengthening relationships with children. - The Magic Of Play is on a mission to bring play back in daily lives through bilingual songs, movement & creativity. Angelique teaches 0 to 6 years old in Italy, but comes from the Netherlands. She is a single mom loving passionately her only daughter Chanel every day. And she thinks it’s strange to write about herself in the third person :)

We would be delighted to have you join us on our journey towards Christmas, please come back next week on one of our blogs!


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