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Christmas Made in Italy - Buon Natale

on Wed, 05/12/2012 - 09:57

The great thing about the internet is that we can see how Christmas is celebrated in other parts of the world.
We don't have to leave our house for that! 

Christmas Around the world shows you in 32 days how the holidays in other countries are being celebrated. 

Dashing Holidays in Italian Milan!

Italy is a BEAUTIFUL country with a huge diversity. Every regio has for example it's own speciality (pizza was born in Napels; Parmeggiano comes from Emilia Romagna, etc), and the people coming from that specific place are incredible proud of who they are. I always get the feeling that Italians are still so authentic (you might like Jamie Oliver's Italian cookingbook). Italy is famous for it's maffia that still rules the south of Italy, for the Vatican in the centre of the country and the economic base, promoting the 'Made in Italy' in the north.That's where I live and where I celebrate Christmas this year.

While you browse through my pictures below, you can listen to this very loved typical Italian WINTER nurseryrhyme. 

'L'inverno ha un odorino
Davantil il bare di cappuccino
Odore di Panettone e di tante cose buone
Di Natale, di fritelle
e anche di novelle
Della neve che c'è per via
Del calduccio a casa mia!

A christmas tour in MILAN (NORTH Italy)

As in all BIG cities Milan gets really magical during christmas time.

The best place to start is the DUOMO, impressive for it's beauty on the outside and inside. 98% of the Italians are catholic and very religious.
The influence of the church is very present in the daily lifes of Italians. We always light a candle here.... 

After the DUOMO I would bring you to CENTRAL STATION, once build by Mussolino. Here my dad met his secret love... Sophia Loren. Beauty then and still beautiful now! 

The big brands flourish in Milan during the whole year, but now for christmas they are at the top of trendiness!. We have Prada, Dolce&Gabbana, Versace, Gucci, you would stand in front of their window expositions with your mouth wide open. An enourmous creativity is exploding fomr their creations. Wouldn't you love to try on these special super foxy red pumps?

Honestly the best way to celebrate Christmas wherever you are is together with your loved ones. This is the love of my life giving you her merry christmas smile in front of pinocchio...

☆ Merry Christmas!
Buon Natale! 
☆ xxxx

More Christmas Actvities you can find by clicking on the following pictures:

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