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Dare to dream - stimulate children to be creative

on Thu, 14/04/2011 - 22:53

Human kind is very attracted by the concept of flying. How it is to fly we don't know (yet). I am not talking about the sitting in a airplane - kind of flying, but I mean the real floating with your whole body through the air-flying. 

Also my daughter, 5 years old, wants to fly! Inspired by Tinkerbell and Mary Poppins. How can I stimulate my child to dare to dream, to be creative, to keep on following her wishes

"Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet." ~ Roger Miller

One of my favorite examplaes of playful parenting....

I want to fly!

‘Pff, why can't I fly'?, Chanel asks me.

No mission is impossibile, if you really want it. That is what I believe, but how do you explain these difficult themes of life to a toddler? I remember Paolo Coehlo's Alchemist.

‘Did you ever talk to your heart about it, Chanel? Our heart is the boss of making desires come true’.

‘Heart, heart, can you let me fly’, Chanel is whispering.

She stands up and jumps- hop, hop, hop- but she is not flying.

Be authentic

‘You see mommy, my heart doesn't listen to what I say’. 

I am thinking hard now , I don't want to do it the easy way saying: 'you will understand when you are a big girl'. This is a great chance of sharing wisdom with eachother.

‘I am sure that you can fly Chanel', I finally answer her.

'Now you are a little girl, sometimes very sweet, sometimes a bit naughty (she smiles here). When you grow up, your friends, your family and even I will try to make you do things, because we think that particular thing is the best for you. Don't do immediately what others tell you, listen to your heart first. Stay who you are, a beautiful authentic person'. 

'What means authentic, mommy'?  

"That you do what you feel is good for you", I answer her. 'Like wanting only one ponytail for example':

Becoming silent

You can only listen to your heart if you are silent. 

So at this point I take her close to me, and we both close our eyes.

'Now I am ready to tell you the special language of the heart'!

Heart language

  • Boom-- boom means : 'I'm tired'. 
  • Boom-boom-boom is: 'I'm waking up'! 
  • Boom-di--boom-di-boom is: 'I am learning it,  do not give up. Imagine yourself flying, dream about it, and laugh big time'.

Laugh, spread your happiness

That evening I observe her when she is playing alone.

I am sure to see her pass above my bed one of these nights. 

'BOOM--DI--BOOM--DI--BOOM', I hear her giggle to herself. She throws herself on the floor, laughing out loud, sharing her joy for life with the world around her!!

The very best of all is that:

A very happy child in the house makes me fly of love! 

Inspired by :

Paolo Coehlo 'The Alchemist'

Neale Donald Walsh, 'The little soul and the earth, I'M SOMEBODY'

Saint - Exupéry, 'The little prince'

Tinkerbell's titlesong "Fly to your heart"

Mary Poppins "I love to laugh song"


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I always loved to dream since I can think and its still important for me! And flying was also always one of my most exctiting experiences in my dreams. I believe that we are able to do what we are dreaming...
Beautiful article Angelique and a magnificent picture of Chanel!

Thank you! Hope to see you soon again on my blog..

I just translate this story to my granddaughter! She wasn't sure what this is all about. I would love some tips and games to play with and get her to listen to herself! She is also 5yrs.

I loved this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Adrianna,

Wonderful to see you passing by on my blog! I think children 'listen' and understand the best when they give you signs to be ready for that what you have to say. Perhaps your granddaughter makes you a question on a certain topic that makes you see that she wants to know.There are many games you can play for listening to your heart, everything with closing your eyes can be helpful. I wrote about peek a boo on the blog with some songs, maybe that can be helpful. Or you can try the indianchief-game. 

But the best is just to let it happen and follow her flow: I've noticed that when I believe Chanel is ready she is completely on a different track and I have to adjust the expectations I had;)

Lovely greetings, Angelique


I believe the same thing as you... I believe that children should be authentic, they should be happy in what they do and want to do, this will deliberately boost their self esteem. My child like yours sometimes can frustrating you want some other things than they do but that's just sometimes it. All you need to learn as a parent is to compromise with your child let her get her ways sometimes if this you know cannot harm her at any point. I love happy kids this only means that the parent is well and very respectable.

Hi Tasha,

Lovely from you to stop by! I agree, following your child's flow can be a challenge for us parents to let go of our own ideas or agenda, but it is so worth it! A happy kids is priceless :)

Lovely greetings from,

Chanel and Angelique

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