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Firework craft for New Year / Vuurwerk knutsel NieuwJaar

on Tue, 20/12/2011 - 22:18

Crafting for New Year / Knutsel voor het Nieuwe Jaar

Creative with small kids / Creatief zijn met kleine kinderen


  • Black and White Paper
  • Stelline (Barilla)
  • Red foodcolor (coloring the pasta)
  • Pinetree branch
  • Cotton balls


  • Zwart en Wit papier
  • Pasta Sterrentjes
  • Rode voedselkleurstof (om de pasta te kleuren)
  • Dennenboom tak
  • Wattenbollen


Happy New Year!!


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Great ideas, Angelique! And aside from the fireworks shooting out of Katy Perry's boobs, please notice the beautiful scenes of Budapest in that video! ;-p

Ah what a magical city Budapest must be! and lol about Katy's boobs ;)

Great idea! I can get the barrilla stern here, too! The images look so pretty!

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