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Fun with Music - Introduction, singing in pregnancy

on Thu, 28/06/2012 - 11:03

Play has so many different faces, all of them are precious to explore. Each child is different and deserves a playful approach of it's own.

Tonya from Strings, Keys and Melodies and I put our heads together to give special attention to Music in July. We will show you how music adds a wonderful playful learning aspect to the development of your kid.

About the importance of Music I wrote an article for my blogging playmate @My Creative Family, you can read it HERE.


Music is an enormous powerful tool:

❦ it lifts you up when you feel down
❦ it has the force to make you feel relaxed and connect to yourself
❦ it is a beautiful and easy tool to speak another kind of language


Singing, making music during pregnancy

These two special songs I wrote especially for all babies to be born. You can sing them (or if you don't like singing you can say the words) while massaging your belly. Furtheron your newborn baby will recognize the sounds of these songs, it will feel the loving vibration that you were giving while being pregnant.

To hear my songs, click on the pictures!

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