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Happy World Animal Day - Children celebrating animals

on Wed, 02/10/2013 - 11:06

On the 4th of october we celebrate World Animal Day!

A day that should be, like all days of the year, full of respect for our animals (and for all that is alive). 

The last Month we have been dedicating special attention to KIDS and ANIMALS:

♘ How do they get along together?
♘ Wat can they learn from eachother?
♘ How can parents or teachers insert animals into fun learning education for their children?

This AMAZING Picture comes from SOLGAVE FARM -
a magical place where animals and people are connecting

In other words: How do animals inspire us while raising our kids?

I feature just a few of the blogs that shared with us their point of view of the former question. All entries to the World Animal Day Bloghop infact were GREAT! and can be seen on our Pinterest Board: Children & Animals at Play or the whole Bloghop and all related articles can be found 'Children Loving Animals'.

Featured blogs of the World Animal Day Bloghop



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Angelique - such a wonderful idea to host this hope - I have loved looking at the photos and reading the great ways that kids connect with animals.


Thanks for hosting this wonderful blog hop. It sure was great to do all the animal related activities with my kid while fostering a sense of love, compassion and respect ( yes respect for even spiders- that's what we are working on). I guess my final wrap up post was a bit too late to make it to your linky.( it's closed?) Anyway, just here to say great initiative.

Such beautiful photos! My kids are celebrating animals today - they are off riding a friend's horse right now!

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