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Up to the mountains - fresh lungs!

on Fri, 03/06/2011 - 17:40

My daughter and I are living in a cute and small appartment, right in the middle of the centre. Great for shopping, drink and eat possibilities, but no garden or balcony. So many times, we play in our 'backyard': The mountains surrounding Lecco.

We can appreciate beauty and look as far as possible, spotting our environment where we live, play and have FUN!

Outdoor play is very special to me, children get the chance to develop themselves completely: in their bodies, in their heads and in their hearts. It especially stimulates them to become sensitive to the beauty around us. It opens up the wonderworld to their senses, to the different things to see, hear, smell, touch and taste.  What is it that we can learn and do up there in mother nature? Come with us and enjoy some fresh air in your lungs. 

We can taste (fresh and self collected) forest fruits, like this ittle 'strawberry' girl is holding in her hand.

We can dance in the wind and master our physical skills, together with these special tender roses.

We can investigate nature or meet new friends like these real hero's from the forest!
They told us how important is it to be respectful and love the nature.

Finally before going back home, we can freeze our feet off in the ICE cold water!

Playing outdoors gives so many incredible learn possibilities for children. Personally I see how children are present in their body after having played outside, they reconnect to themselves, are more concentrated and more aware of the beauty that surround us. Then it doesn't matter anymore how long and high you stay on the swing :)

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Inspired by : 

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Jantje Beton, the biggest Dutch organisation for playing outdoors.


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What beautiful mountains you are surrounded by!

Yes, we do! Lake como is an incredible place to stay, even if I am Dutch (and there are no Mountains at all). :)

Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment, I appreciate that!



Angelique, you know I couldn't agree more. Nature opens itself to children. This is a beautiful post. It really affirms what I believe; that you don't need to do anything other than take your children outdoors. Nature is wondrous enough as it is. Just let them be.

Thanks for sharing this with us. Always great to have you :)

Hi dear Kate,

First of all I thank YOU for always opening up your virtual space to these magnificent outdoorplay ideas. I am grateful to share my experiences with my little girl here :)

Thanks for responding and please be prepared I' ll be back many more times!!

Ciao ciao, Angelique & Chanel


new blog friend - coming from Outdoor Play! We are ALWAYS outside- just love it! like your blog-

Hi!! Thanks so much for passing by my blog and leave me a comment. I've checking out your adventures on the beach! So cool where you all are staying. I am looking forward of getting to know you better. Are you also on twitter or Facebook?

Have a nice day, Angelique & Chanel

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