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Non scary Halloween songs, stories , crafts for little ones

on Thu, 25/10/2012 - 14:01

Songs, Stories & Crafts for A Non scary HALLOWEEN
Image credit: mustique / 123RF Stockfoto)

Just a few days left before the big festivity of Halloween is going to happen.

To bring you extra in the mood I made some special songs combined with stories and crafts
(with beautiful LIVE on Air contributions of RED TED ART, RAINYDAY MUM AND THE IMAGINATION TREE). 

All these video's are NOT scary and perfect for babies, toddlers, young children! More video's - not mentioned here- you can see in my Halloween Playlist on YouTube.

!Happy Halloween!

♥ Little Witches

LIVE Show with RainyDayMum

Magical Spells Song (click on picture)

♥ Black Halloween Animals

Live show with Rainy Day Mum & Red Ted Art 

♥ Funny Lost Ghosts

Live show with Rainy Day Mum

3 little Ghost Story and Song (click on picture)

♥ Pink, Soft Monsters

Live show with Rainy Day Mum

Monster Stomp Song and Craft and HUGE bloghop with 100+ Halloween ideas

♥ Pumpkins

Live show with Rainy Day Mum & The Imagination Tree

NurseryRhyme 3 little Pumpkins (click on picture)


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