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Inspired by Aelita Andre Kids'Art - Painting on Canvas

on Sun, 17/07/2011 - 22:25

Chanel and I fell both in love with a artful video posted by Janet Lansbury - elevating childcare some weeks ago. It shows the creative world of Aelita André, a true inspired child - artist.

What touched me was the way Aelita moved around in her workingplace: free, independent, knowing what she wants. Chanel really slowed down while watching the video, she seemed to be attracted by this little girl painting, squeezing, showing her potential. Please have a look at the video below where Chanel shows signs of inspiration by the video "Prodigy of color" from Aelita. 

The weeks after the video Chanel asked me regularly if she could use tempera. She created outdoors near the river, indoors using her hands, and then made a step to her first canvas. 

My favorite Artist of all times: Chanel

Blowing paint with soapy tempera > inspired by The Chocolate Muffin Tree


Hand painting combined with felt pens


Tempera direct on paper and a bit of 'paintbrushing'  direct in the mouth for refreshment ;)


First time Painting on Canvas

At first squeezing the paint down, but she didn't liked it, so it was taken off > inspired by Teach Preschool


Paintbrushing an empty cheese container to create a circle, but it didn't turned out to be how she wanted it, so it was cancelled it with a humid dishcloth


She found the toilet plunger and said : "this is just what I need to make a perfect circle" > see also Messy kid's 'Toilet Art'


Decoration material selected and first tried on her hand before using it onto the canvas




Chanel creating her piece of Art inspired by Aelita André

Chanel was also very inspired by her little playfriend Minnie 'Sun hats and Wellie Boots' after having watched their Art inspired by Music - theme

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Oh my what a brilliant set of paintings and artwork! love them all - and aren't you fabulous for doing so much exploring! Wonderful!

Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!


Hi Maggy,

I always enjoy your artful creations on your blog, they do are a big inspiration for me. I have been looking for the occasion to link up to you and I am happy that you liked it. It was a marvellous journey of creation that will continue, so we'll see eachother again!

Thanks for stopping by here and leave me a comment,

Angelique and Chanel

Thank you for linking this up to my art party this week. I loved watching both videos yours and the one about the child prodigy artist. I am amazed at talent like this. I also love that you showed it to your dear daughter and she was inspired to do her own painting. I am excited to show both videos to my own daughter.

Hi Laura,

Thank you for stopping and leaving me a comment! I loved it to link up  at your art party. And I am happy that you liked both vids!

Chanel and I had great fun creating and sharing new experiences together. She is my greatest teacher :)

See you soon again,

Angelique and Chanel


What fantastic art experiences she is having! I love all the variety in these projects!

Thanks for linking up to Learning Laboratory at Mama Smiles =)

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