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Waking Up the five senses of a YOUNG Child

on Fri, 24/08/2012 - 11:45

Young Children learn best through their senses!

Feeding a child's senses

What you see, hear, feel, taste and smell largely determines how you feel. An environment in which all of the five senses can flourish, leave for sure a warm feeling in the heart of the child. And feeling good and nourished is a perfect base for a life long learning. During my playday (a workshop for children and parents) in Lecco, children had the chance to know more about their senses.

Feel your breath, what does it do to your body?

Starting Early!

I started to introduce sensory play to my child when she was just born by massaging her, a perfect loving way to let children experience touch (and so much more!).
You can read all of my 'hands on' articles on babymassage on my BLOG 'Infantmassage'.

My most favorite sensory play activities....

Here you find some senses activities you can do at school or at home. Please keep in mind that for the younger age a senses overlaod is easily reached, that's why I prefer to offer them separated senses experiences with a better chance of digesting and understanding that what they have felt, seen, heart, touched or tasted. 


How many children sit behind you - gameListen good and count your friends without looking.

Music corner made out of different kind of (kitchen) materials.

Telephone - game


Discovery bottle : pieces of paper- plastic animal.

Watching the magic of science : water - soap - food color (Shake it!).

Experience the light of the sun while playing outside, watching out to fill up a nature box.


Smell- ball : plastic ball, make holes inside, tissue paper with a few drops of essential oils.

Smelling daily things as coffee.

Making perfume from fresh collected flowers.


Colored rice: rice - food colors - measurements materials.

Sticking spunges, feeling them suck onto the window.

Playdough manipulation: mixing 2 cups of flour - 1 cup of salt - a bit of warm water - lemonjuice


Chocolate fondue: melted chocolate - fresh fruit.
Show me your tongue! 
Tasting with closed eyes for a better sensation. Guess what you are eating: sweet or salt?

All in one activity 

Feeling, experiencing with bare feet: water , pasta, flour, paper.


Sensory Play experts:
Two great pinterest boards on sensory play are to find HERE and HERE.
My favorite BLOG ons ensory play is 'Growing a Jeweled Rose'.

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