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Certified Infant Massage Instructor

Baby Massage

I.A.I.M. (International Association of Infant Massage)

Certificate from participation on the course for teaching parents infant massage, diploma Certified Massage instructor in march 2011. >

Download Certficate (pdf, 162 KB)

Childplay Yoga

This certifcate gives me the bases for playing yoga with 4-12 years old. The children in a childplay yoga class can enhance their coordiantion skills; acquire a good sense of balance; increase their flexibility; balance their brain hemispheres; gain attention skills; develop their group awareness; enhance their small and great motor skills; gain inner self awareness; be inspired to good values; connect with their feelings and share them; breath in a correct way and having fun! >

Download Certificate (pdf, 422 KB)

Reggio Emilia - The experience of the Infant Toddler Centres

October 17 - 22, 2010
Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Download Certificate (pdf, 112 KB)

Reggio Emilia Article "The wonder of Learning"

Regione Lombardian & ARCI

Mediator in language and cultural questions inside infant-and toddelcentres, medical services and educational sector.

Download Certificate (pdf, 317 KB)

Instituto Cortivo


Supportive assistent for the social sector (education, medical services, infant centres)

Download Certificate (pdf, 241 KB)


Law degree in Dutch Law, specialisation health law.

Download Certificate (pdf, 211 KB)