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How to make stylish food and house for birds!

on Wed, 18/01/2012 - 22:39

These birds got some stylish kindness today ! 

Just a few months ago - As a celebration for the World Animal Day- I organized a bloghop for Children and Animal related crafts and activities. There were some beautiful thoughts on how to bring kids and animals closer. One of my favorite quotes was this one: 

"Untill one has loved an animal, ones soul remains unawakenend." ~ Anatol France

I am very pleased with the fact that Chanel, my daughter, loves the company of animals. She was live present when our Jack Russel terrier got 6 pups and learnt so much of treating these tiny creatures with tenderness (NOT easy when you are 3). You can see some of these cute and kind pictures HERE.

Chanel dreams of flying, and since she practices daily how to fly,  she studies birds, (flying) insects and butterflies....

That's how the idea was born to make a cool birdhouse.
To craft loving kindness in a small shelter for the birds of Lecco where they would find some good food inside. 



The Food

You need:
Lard - Butter (let if cool off in the freezer, we used these cute shapes for that); seeds & cornflakes (crushed in a bag).
When the lard got hard, put in the crushed seed-bag, shake it, and voilà you're birdfood is done!
We also put peanutbutter on a loo roll and proceeded as above.
To finish the meal we've sticked toasted (fresh) bread on a long tooth pick.

The Birdhouse

You need:
An empty juice or milkcarton, drawings, stickers or anything else that you think makes a nice decoration.

The going outside

We took our house and food outside to see how the birds were reacting! They loved it all, some were even protecting the house (see picture above). After all was finished, we took the carton boxes off and brought them home for another time.

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Being kind to animals, your own pets, or those living around us in nature, is a sign of respect for other life forms. 
Let's be kind to the beauty of mother nature!

I am on a mission of Play, Join me! 

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This is just perfect for families who don't have a backyard. I love how you showed that all families can still make a birdhouse and bird feeder no matter where they live. It must have been so much fun for your daughter to observe the birds.

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