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Christmas Tree Craft for small toddlers - Kerstboom Knutsel voor peuters

on Wed, 30/11/2011 - 22:41

Constructing a small, big, bigger Christmas Tree -

Een kleine, grotere, grootste Kerstboom bouwen

How small hands can construct a Christmas Tree* - Hoe kleine handjes een kerstboom bouwen

You need

  • Egg Cartons 
  • Green & golden tempera
  • Glitters

While making them we sang our:

'Jingle-Bells' - song


Je hebt nodig:

  • Eier doosjes van karton
  • Groene & gouden verf
  • Glitters

We zongen ons eigen gemaakt liedje:



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This looks like a ton of fun to make. What a totally unique look!

A christmas tree for small hands that like to construct! Something different indeed,

thank you for leaving stopping by and leaving me a comment,


This is such a cute idea! I love that it is a stacking toy in addition to being a craft/decoration!

for stopping  by and leaving me a message on the post!

This little student of mine was absolutely fascinated by the stacking idea!


I love these so different and I think J and even T (9 months old) would love to have a go. I'm pinning these as if we don't get around to it this year it's an activity for next year.

for pinning my idea!

And for leaving me a message on the blog,


A Great nesting and stacking activity! Great!

The kids are enjoying this "toy" . How simple play can be!

Thanks for stopping by on the blog,


These are great Angelique! We were going to make something like this from Mermaid Makings , but never did!

Sometimes the easiest things create the best playtime!

MermaidsMaking is a lovely source of inspiration, and so is your blog...

Thanks for stopping by,


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