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Play It Pink - Life Is Beautiful!

on Sat, 15/10/2011 - 20:22

I love Pink
I wear Pink
I was a Pink girl
I Play it PINK

For all women and men with breastcancer. 
For their children and familymembers.
For the medical staff working daily with cancer patients. 
In respect for my body...



6 creative ways to Play with Pink...

1. Going Outdoors to wish upon a Balloon

Sending WISHES up

BIG Movement Fun, making children aware that dreams can come true!

2. Making a PINK Yoghurt Cake

Making a Breakfast for a Princess, with Self Made Pink Yoghurt Cake

3. Creating a PINK Artistic Tshirt

Coloring from plain white shirt into a Flamingo Pink Tshirt

4. PINK Piggy Bags

A PINK sensoryplay activity for toddlers and preschoolers with special

Salty Piggy Bags

5. ICY Pink Roses Decoration

Playing outside with the beauty of mother Nature gives my child always a great sensorial boost.

In this activity we've used the freezer!

Find out how in 'Icy Pink Roses Decoration'.

6. Cooking Strawberry Meringue Breasts! 

This year it was 5 years ago that doctors discovered breastcancer in my left breast, my child was 5 months old at that moment. We both went through a very difficult time after this diagnose, but as always difficult moments are great learning experiences. I had the chance to explain to my kid what happened to me...thank you beloved body!!

I sat down with her after she asked me what the scar in my breast means, where it comes from. To make the topic easier to grasp for her, I've let her "cook" with strawberries.

This is how they lookes like after her cooking! 

Creating Strawberry - Meringue breasts ;)

More Pink

Healing Power Of Play

Wishing upon a Balloon

Let's Play PINK a Lecco

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I love pink! Thanks for all the pink ideas! I agree, Life IS beautiful!! :)


Thank you Aleacia for commenting on my pink post! Angelique

Life is beautiful! So is pink :D

YES! :)

Lovely pink ideas! Love how you expressed your personal story in such a creative way.

Always trying to find the creativity in everything you do sure makes you smile and have more fun in life :)

Thank you for stopping by,



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