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Going out with Opa, Granddad, Nonno

on Fri, 11/11/2011 - 22:02

OPA, We ♥ you!

This post is for my dad. Granddad of Chanel, or better known as 'OPA' in Dutch. We went out in the nature for a walk and he shared with us some of his childhood memories of Play. PRECIOUS qualitytime saved in my heart...

How did you spend your last walk in the nature?

Questo blog è per mio papà. Il Nonno di Chanel, così detto in Olandese 'OPA'. Siamo stati in Natura per una passaggiata durante quale ha condiviso con noi i suoi ricodi di gioco d'infanzia. PREZIOSO tempo di qualità salvato nel mio cuore...

Come hai passato te l'ultima volta fuori in passeggio?

Sint Pietersberg in MAASTRICHT, the only mountain of the Netherlands 425 mtr high ;)
Montagna di Santo Pietro a MAASTRICHT, l'unico montagna dei Paesi Bassi, 425 mtr di altezza ;)

"This tree was a great hidingplace in my younger years"

"Questo albero era il posto perfetto per nascondermi nei tempi della mia giovanezza"

This looks like a fairy's place, hello, hello, can I please come in?

Sembra un posto per la fatina, ciao, ciao, posso entrare?

A new generation listening to what 65 years ago happened at that very spot. 

La nuova generazione ascolta in adorazione cosa esattamente succedva in quel posto 65 anni fa.

These sheep travel around in the woods of the mountain, brought around by by a real, traditional sheperd

Queste pecore viaggiano nelle foreste della montagna, curate da un vero e tradizionale Pecoraio

"If you look through this flower with one eye, the world seems purple".

"Quando guardi solo con un occhio in dentro il fiore, il mondo è viola".

"A perfect green rose, for you mommy from Opa and Me"

"Per te mamma, una rosa verde e perfetta, da Nonno e me"

More outdoor play

My nature box is alive!

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Shared at Linky's Party of OUTDOOR PLAY PARTY and the post was inspired by The 30 days Challenge of Play, one month of 15 minutes a day of playing.


Oh, Angelique, what a fantastic tree that is! Really puts life in perspective when you consider that the trees we see are the same ones that have been standing there for generations! Looks like you spent a lovely day with your dad. Thanks for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party!

Thank you again for making the linky party. The outdoor play is a wonderful occassion for our children to learn and explore!

Thank you for leaving a message on the blog,

Angelique adn Chanel

What a special experience for her and him to share together! We had some really special times with my dad after my mum died last year. They went off on expedition exploring the Umbrian countryside, collecting pinecones, picking grapes off the vine, climbing over huge mud tracks in fields and peeking into cool grottos! Memories are made of these xxx

That must have been hard for your dad to day behind alone (and for you..) Good to hear that the grandchildren bring so much love into his life and viceversa. Hope to see you next year in Umbria :) xxx

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a message,

Angelique and Chanel

Wonderful, wonderful memories for everyone! I treasure the time my girls get to spend with their grandparents... it's truly wonderful!

Grandparents are indeed a wonderful resource of precious information for ourselves and our children. I know exactly what you are saying!

Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a message,

Angelique and Chanel

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