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Unlimited Creations of a Kid

on Mon, 27/02/2012 - 20:01

In my playgroups children are invited to create in an unlimited way, and parents are asked to let their kids be.

Letting the children be and do what they feel, is not an easy thing for parents. I know, because I am an adult and a parent too...
When I see how the adult struggles with this 'no interference' policy, I share with them some observations I've made over the years from my workshops. I tell them that creativity is as a river, unstoppable...

Stones in a river will not stop it's flow, it only changes the direction!

Some obversations

Adults☝ Kids ✌
Expectations are always present in an adults mind. "Why is my kid not doing what the others are doing?" Kids don't expect, they live that what is.
Adults may not like to do something but are more tempted to do that what they don't like anyway. Maybe they do it out of respect, or because everybody else is doing it. Children see something, and decide at that moment to go for it or not. They don't think about the feelings of the adult that has put effort in his preparation, children just want to have a good time.
In the adult world it's 90% (or more?) about being good, better and best.  Kids - until a certain age- don't care at all about a prestation. 
Adults think. Kids Play.
Adults can see a pair of socks as a pair of socks. Kids can see a pair of socks as a (snow)ball.

Probably I could come up with some more. But I think you get the point.
Children remind us to stay open.
They inspire us to PLAY with our own beliesfsystems!

(please share your own observation with me under the post!)

Two children are not alike

Have a look at the next pictures:

  • Two children.
  • Same background, Same possibility to play without interference from adults.
  • Both love to create, but are totally different towards messiness.
  • The girl doesn't like it to get dirty hands. The boy on the other hand loves to get messy!

So when both took of their socks. All adults held their breath for a moment. Would the girl really get dirty feet?

G. pulls out his socks and ask me if he can climb on the table. There he is making footprints.

Also F. pulls out socks and climbs on the table. Here she continues painting, but this time with bare feet!

We were all smiling.
Children do it their way.
And only by giving them that opportunity, they will feel appreciated and safe to show their creativity.
I believe that these kids eventually will live their true and full potential!

This Article was made for Steve Dahlberg's and Mary Alice Long's 'Creativity in Play' Ebook.
Steve and Mary Alice share their creativity and play in many ways, like their shows on BLOGTALKRADIO.
Listen here to the interview I had with them 'Angelique Felix on the Magic Of Play'. 


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I believe that letting of control and going beyond our beliefsystems is a very important point to expand our consciousness, even if you are a parent or not. Thanks for this great article Angelique, another magnificent creation of you!

is indeed a great experience in life, it all starts with yourself...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment dear Alexander,

Love, Angelique 

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