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Artful cookies / Biscotti Artistici

on Sun, 18/12/2011 - 23:56

Special moments deserve magical activities /
Attività magica per momenti speciali

Eatable art

Best comment of 2011 came from a 6 year old friend of my kid: "At Angelique's place we can do what we feel like is good for us. We are not animated, we create!". With this in mind I offered the children an occassion to make something with sweetness, inspired by the smurfhouse Chanel made some weeks ago.

The activity was done in a very free way: no limitations, no instructions. Reminding me of the Reggio Emilia approach 'Do what you like, all creation will be good'. While the kids were creating, they had such fun, it activated their senses, especially the tasting -part ;) But it also showed to be a cool way for learning about the use of space (spatial awareness). Have a look!

Arte Mangiabile

Il commento più bello del 2011 era di un'amica di mia figlia: "Alla festa di Chanel non vengo animata, ma posso creare le mie cose che mi piacciono"! Con questo commento in testa offrivo la possibilità allle bimbe di fare un lavoretto dolce e mangiabile.

Non solo i loro sensi erano stimulati - quanto hanno assaggiato;) - Ma l'attività si dimonstrava anche di essere una maniera divertente per capire come gestire uno spazio piccolo.  Guardate!

As a base I used sweet toasted bread slices /

La base era dei 'biscotti della salute'


Icing sugar (making glace)+ Candy = decoration /

Zucchero velo (per fare glace) + le caremelle= la decorazione


The group of little and very happy creators /

Il gruppo dei creatori molto felice


Hard working to let it all fit /

Grande lavoro per fare stare tutto sul biscotto


Minimalistic style /

Stilo Minimalistico


I love the little heart put on top /

Mi piace il cuore messo in cima


As a captain on a ship! /

Come un capitano sulla nave!


New wishes for next year, and with Tinkerbell as a witness, she asked (as always!) to be able to FLY! /

 Per il prossimo anno di vita, con Trilli come testimonia chiedendo (come sempre!) di essere capace di VOLARE!

More Playful Creating with kids:

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I am on a mission of Play, Join me! 

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What a wonderful evening of fun and friendship! A delightful post Angelique. :) Kristi

It sure was, It's great that I was able to transmit that feeling through pictures.

Thank you for stopping by and hope to talk to you soon!

Angelique and Chanel

It would be so fun to be able to fly! What a lovely activity!

Fly away over seas and mountains to visit our friends everywhere! Would love to meet you in person!

Thanks for stopping by,

Angelique and Chanel

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