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Imaginative Play and Upcyled Fairy Dress / Fantaseren en Gerecyclede Feetjes Jurk

on Fri, 17/02/2012 - 18:07

Imagining with children is a fabulous thing to do. There are different ways in which kids can exercise their imagination: little worlds play; recreating experiences or dressing up and becoming someone else.I noticed that it's enough to put on a hat to create a caracter. With the right attributes a child will enter a new world, where fantasy and imagining can flow liberally.
I know from experience, but also Reggio Emilia and Maria Montessori say that taking children into so called prepared spaces recharges and lift up their spiritual, cognitive and social development. (Have a look at all my albums on the end of this post and it's effect on the children)

Het net doen alsof is een goede oefening voor kinderen om hun fantasie te stimuleren. Om weg te dromen en zich te wanen in een andere wereld (en hier ook naar te handelen).
Reggio Emilia, maar ook Maria Montessori gaan ervan uit dat voorbereide ruimtes, dat zijn ruimtes die zijn aangepast aan speciale wensen van het kind, uitermate belangrijk zijn omdat de omgeving van het kind een positieve uitwerking heeft op hun intellectuele, sociale en spirituele ontwikkeling. (Kijk vooral ook naar alle creaties die ik al maakte aan het einde van deze post en het effect op de kinderen)

Fairy Dress / Feetjes Jurk
This is a simple and easy way to upcycle an old dress and make it magical. Create a small world and act it out with your children! 

Dit is een gemakkelijke en snelle manier om een oude jurk te recyclen en magisch te maken. Zo creëer je een fantasiewereld die je samen met de kinderen kunt beleven.

Use old Tshirts, jeans, anything that has a print on that suits the ambience you like to create.
Cut it into stripes, long and short ones.
Sew them on the Dress.

Gebruik oude stoffen van gebruikte kleren.
Knip of scheur ze in lange danwel kortere stroken
Naai ze in simpele steken op je jurk.

Such a relaxing ME moment

Een heerlijk relax moment voor mij!



Fairy is ready for playtime (LOOK HERE for all pictures).
More dressing up creations are: Red Ridinghood ; Solina the sunqueen; Bearhunter!

Feetje is klaar om te spelen en te bewegen.
Alle albums met verschillende verkleed creaties zijn: Bosfee; Roodkapje; Solina; Berenjager

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- 'Creative Play for 2-5s' by Dr Dorothy Einon

- 'Fostering children's social comptence' by L. Katz and D. mcClellan, National Association for the education of Young Children, 1996-1997.


I adore your fairy dress.

Love from,


Oh Angie - you radiate joy! I LOVE your dress and so want to make one for myself.
I think it's essential for us adults to do those little things that will take us back to our childhood days and let us free from the matter-of-factly state...
I am sure i'm going to make one soon and feel like a little girl wearing it... :)
Thank you for the inspiration.

please create something funny or lovely to wear for yourself! Our (inner)kids love that the most :) 

Thank you for stoppign by,

Love Angelique

This is genius - I love dressing up and what a great way to bring anything to life for your little girl and the other children.

Thank you for linking up to Made with Love :D

Thank you my friend! Making learning fun is one of my highest priorities in life! :)

Thanks for stopping by,


I love the idea of adding strips of a fabric to an old dress to make a fairy dress. I don't sew, but I think I could pull that off. Will reply soon to you via email about your blog idea. =)

Hi rebekah!

lol :)

I can't sew either. If you would have a closer look at this dress you would see the proof!

Looking forward to your mail...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment, Angelique

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