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Fall is arriving!- Autumn Bloghop

on Thu, 20/09/2012 - 08:06

A cookie SPIDER Craft  - Spider SONG and AUTUMN Bloghop  

I can't deny it. I love autumn, it's a mircale to see how a season changes from warm summer to a windy autumn. To see how chestnuts are already ready to be picked up and acorns secretely taken away by squirrels.

Then it's such a perfect season to use nature inside for play and learning, just have a look at our bilingual AUTMUMN video.......

Itsy Bitsy Spider - Incy Wincy Spider 

 Eatable SPIDER
You need:
☁ A paper plate
☁ Squeezable chocolate sauce
☁ Round cookies
☁ Different kind of candies for decoration


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