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Fall is arriving!- Autumn Bloghop

on Thu, 20/09/2012 - 08:06

A cookie SPIDER Craft  - Spider SONG and AUTUMN Bloghop  

I can't deny it. I love autumn, it's a mircale to see how a season changes from warm summer to a windy autumn. To see how chestnuts are already ready to be picked up and acorns secretely taken away by squirrels.

Then it's such a perfect season to use nature inside for play and learning, just have a look at our bilingual AUTMUMN video.......

Itsy Bitsy Spider - Incy Wincy Spider 

 Eatable SPIDER
You need:
☁ A paper plate
☁ Squeezable chocolate sauce
☁ Round cookies
☁ Different kind of candies for decoration


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I really love the spider - so clever and cute!

You know the kids didn't eat them...they were too nice !


Thanks for stopping by!

What a gorgeous song and I love the spiders... I think we will have to make these when we look at spiders in the garden

Thanks for stopping by Cerys!

The kids couldn't manage to eat their own creation by the way:)


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