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Apple Make Over for Snow White - Apple theme Bloghop

on Wed, 19/09/2012 - 07:20

A creative apple craft & Apple Bloghop

I am snow white.

Can I craft my own apple?! YES!

Take your glitter letters, some diamonds and do what you like.....

Then I make these while I am playing outdoors, in the sun all colors look more bright and shiny...

My apples indeed became MAGICAL♡

**(I bought these apples for a couple of cents, they were supposed to go to the animals)**


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What a beautiful snow white the apples look brilliant as well.

for your sweet comment!


What a cute idea!

Fro stopping by and leaving me a comment!


Apples and glitter and sequins . . . what's not to love! Thanks for sharing these fun ideas. :)

for stopping by. Yes, we had such fun!


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