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Mindful parenting - Wish upon a balloon!

on Sat, 21/05/2011 - 17:07

Make a wish and create MAGIC for your child!

My little girl has a wish. She asks me regulary how I can help her with her great desire. Then we talk about it, but she has difficulties understanding how she can live her dream.

During the last weeks there were great possibilities to make her feel that what she is longing for:  LEARNING TO FLY.

“Miracles do exists."

From the movie 'Rio':
"Feel the flying in your heart, not with your head.”


She was talking to a bird about it....


We bought a heart balloon, put her wish on it and send it up!

A message for the balloon.


Her balloon with message.


"I want to fly, please."


There the wish FLIES!


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So sweet! What a wonderful thing to have captured on video! And how wonderful of your response to her wish/dream.

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for leaving me a comment on this (for me) special blogpost. 

Lovely greetings, Angelique & Chanel

Thanks so much for joining the outdoor play party this week! Love all the ways you are encouraging your child's dream. But just FYI releasing balloons up into the sky can be very harmful to animals and the environment. The balloon does eventually pop and so all that trash floats back down where an animal may get caught in the rubber or mistake the shinny material for food. Releasing balloons always seems like such a sweet idea, but the damage it can do is not so sweet. Maybe next time try flying a kite or making mini parachutes for dolls or acorns that can be thrown and then retrieved.
Loved the video of her talking to the bird, super sweet! Thanks so much for sharing!

I didn't know that. So thank you for informing me!


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