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Creative play for children with flowers - jelly cake!

on Sat, 11/06/2011 - 22:33

We are ready for mrs SUMMER to enter our country, our city, our house, our bathroom and kitchen! (?)

During one of our after- school adventures outside, Chanel collected yellow and purple flowers. When her senses were filled up again with the beautiful love of mother nature, we've brought them home. They invaded first our bathtub and later ended up inside of a jelly-cake!

Is your curiosity tickled by these sentences? Then come with me to show you how we' ve conserved the public park flowers into a piece of home made-art.


The flowers looked a bit sad when we came home, so Chanel decided to take them on a refreshing tour inside of her bathtub.

"Can I bring the flowers to school tomorrow, mommy?"  I thought to conserve them into jelly, so we started the cooking process.

We followed the instructions carefully and waited for the right moment to create!

Flowering our favorite heart-shape <3

Wrapping the cake up as a present for her friends, after that it was a whole night in the fridge.

Jellied flowers :)

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Special credits & LINK UPS

I am always stunned by all wonderful playactivities that mommy's, all over the world, are doing at home or outside with their children. I am proud to make part of that community , that's why I share this blogentry to inspire and promote play as a part of daily activity just like eating or brushing teeth is. I've linked up to "It's play time"  and the "Sunday Showcase"

Another special community to be named is Mommy labs @ Gorgeous Karma are celebrating World Environment Day with 'Forest Fiesta', because maintaining flora and fauna in their best shape starts with US! 

One of my favorite playfriends is Mary Alice Long, check her out, she is really cool!



Dear Angelique,
This is such a unique thought and creation. I love the idea of turning the jely cake into a forest themed art! So creative.

Dear Rashmie,

Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Love the idea and all organisation. Great to be in contact all over the world.

Love, Angelique and Chanel

What a creative and unique idea!

Thanks Rachele! We loved doing it, and Iwas so happy to do something natural with the jelly that i had in my cupboard since a year ;) Love it that you stopped by and leave me a message.

Angelique and Chanel


How fun is that? I have never seen this but I am intrigued!

Thanks for linking up to the Sunday Showcase - see you this weekend

But I got the idea, thinking how to conserve the flowers. We follwoed our feelings and that is always a good thing to do!

Thanks dear for commenting and stopping by.

See you soon, Angelique and Chanel

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