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My nature box is alive! - outdoor play

on Thu, 16/06/2011 - 20:49

Our latest adventure outside was inspired by my playfriend 'Sun Hat & Wellie Boots' . We've upcycled an applejuice box into an "I spy you nature - box". My daughter loved the making of the box, to bring it outside and study the natural material found during her tour. Also I've enjoyed this outdoor play as much as she did. Living and learning together with my child is one of the greatest experiences in my life. Do you hear the laughter of my innerchild?

I think you will feel our excitement in this article......

"The box became ALIVE." 


Upcycling an applejuice box and bringing it on a discovery tour

"Mom, the tap is my SPY-eye, then I can control my box without opening it!" 

"Tring, tring, here I come. Yellow girl observing the beauty of nature."


Observing, finding and studying the outside world

 "Can I pick it up, mommy?"

"Yes, but ask permission to mother Nature."

Studying the funghi intensely, but look at the video to find out what we've found later!


The box became alive and has a name!


I share and link up this blogentry to inspire and promote play as a part of daily activity, just like eating or brushing teeth is.

It's Playtime at hands on : as we grow



Thanks for stopping by my blog - I love meeting fellow nature lovers! It looks like you & your little one had a lot of fun exploring!

It's true we had lots of fun and pleasure outside in the sun. Being outdoors gives us everything and it doesn't cost a thing :)

Beuatiful your blog also, great to connect, please let's stay in touch,

Angelique and Chanel

Thank you so much as always for sharing your beautiful outlook on life with us.

and to experience life day by day in the moment. Thanks Kate for stopping by, we'll meet soon again!

Angelique and Chanel

Isn't it funny how you start to enjoy the outdoors more when you view it through a child's eye and you invest in making it just a bit more interesting and creative for them too?

Thanks Deborah for your comment. It is true since, the being together with children wakes up feelings, desires to explore mys elf and aspects of me I forgot off. I am blessed and grateful for every minute I spend with parents and their kids (and MINE included!!)

I so much love your website Deborah, happy to be in touch with you,

Angelique and Chanel

Such a lovely activity!
We went on a riverside walk on Saturday and collected some AMAZING things including fragrant rose fallen petals and the biggest most beautiful swan feathers (now quill pens!) - I love a good nature walk with littl'uns!

Ah, these events and walks are so powerful for us and for our children! Then we appreciate beauty in the best and most innocence form!

Thanks for stopping by Julia,

See you soon,

Angelique and Chanel

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