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I am PLAY - why should I choose to play

on Wed, 17/08/2011 - 23:34

Play is my core business. I am PLAY. 
People ask me often: "play is something that children do naturally, why do you make your work out of that"?

I advocate play because it gives us all freedom, not only the children.

Then what is it that I do?
I play with children alone and I inspire parents and teachers to make their children their guides in playtime. This means that I let the parents play (even when they believe that they are only there to stay close to their child). Or I let teachers float away from routines and schedules to compile by bringing them together in a playful way.

Why do I PLAY?
The very best part of writing this blog post is that I can express my WHY! Why do I play with children. Why do I inspire adults to continue playing in their lives. Why do I guide parents gently towards their innate parenting potential. Simple because I became a mother myself. And my child took my breath away, she was amazing, a living miracle. 

Chanel, my daughter, slowly, day by day, broke down the walls I build around that tiny little girl inside of myself. We started to play together, she inspired me to live consciously and to slow down. Chanel became my walking heart in the outside world. And made me dare to come closer to who I am, giving me the courage to loose control. I could take my mind off  the bills to pay, the not living in my country anymore, the thoughts of what others might think of me.

This is what I do now and what I before practically never did anymore:

  • I can walk on the street and actually hear a bird sing
  • I can stop when I see flowers, bend over and smell their flavour
  • I can clap my hand, snap my fingers and DANCE when the accordeon man plays a tune
  • I can laugh out loud from joy and (almost) not react anymore when persons or situations upset me
  • I can create my own music, sing to it, make art, produce playshops, write stories (that I thought not to be able to do)
  • I can live alone in peace and good health with my 5 year old in Italy


This brought me to....

Some months ago I made a big step to come in touch with the rest of the world. To come in touch with you. And to share with you the MAGIC of play.
I am jumping on my chair now while writing this, knowing that together we can increase the playfulness in your life!

Let's connect to YOUR big source of creativity, of fun and of new ways of living in abundance. Here are the 3 steps to do for magic and play in your heart...


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To be ready that your life will be magic upped ...

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