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A tribute to The Mother in Me

on Sat, 20/10/2012 - 14:54

Today I am guestposting at the beautiful site of

Carolyn of The Pleasantest Thing

'Moms celebrating Mom's

Balloons and MONSTERS, Palloncini di MOSTRI

on Mon, 01/10/2012 - 08:26

Balloon Monsters

Easy to make

Big Fun

Scary Decoration ;)

Ballonnen Monsters

Gemakkelijk te maken

Veel fun


Mostri di Palloncini

Facile da fare


Che Paura ;)

Fall is arriving!- Autumn Bloghop

on Thu, 20/09/2012 - 08:06

A cookie SPIDER Craft  - Spider SONG and AUTUMN Bloghop  

Babies first ABC Play activity

on Mon, 17/09/2012 - 23:07

Being able to read a book, starts with the recognition and understanding of letters. The alphabet comes best to a child in a playful way by scribbeling, manipulative activities, copying letters and later on writing them. Seeing the use of letters can be one of those magical cognitive moments in the development of a child.

The language skills of a child starts, that is what I believe, in the womb of the mother. Around the 20th week a baby can hear the voices from it's parents or other sounds coming from the outside. Hearing different kind of vibrations, rythms can make it easier for baby to recognise and distinguish the sounds of letters while growing up.

Making a carton board box acquarium - small world ocean play

on Mon, 10/09/2012 - 10:12

This Made With Love - edition I dedicate to an old box from Ikea!
I share with you A
small world ocean creation...

Please link up your favorite creation under the post....
* source picture