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What I do

on Thu, 14/04/2011 - 12:34

I believe that we can build our next generation together through play, so that early learning experiences will become an activitiy that is EASY, FUN and FOREVERLASTING! - The Magic of Play is: My Programs:


Play is serious work for children. They learn about life, interact socially, and develop their skills. It makes them achieve their greatest potential inside their healthy bodies.

I work with the ‘Reggio Emilia - approach’ during my play sessions. This means creating many possibilities for children to express the way they really are; “A CHILD SPEAKS 100 LANGUAGES” (Loris Malaguzzi).

Blog article: > "Reggio Emilia- approach, the wonder of early learning"


I see that parents and their children bond when they play together. They connect and feel safe and this feeling is everlasting, even when they are not together. Play is a great tool for having quality time in two, it gives parents the opportunity to be the natural teachers that they are.

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Adults many times forget the power of play. How it can give them the freedom to experiment - without being judged for what they do - and to laugh out loud! That's why I train adults to wake up the inner-child that we all have in us.

Testimonial participant: > "The pink feeling of playing"


Building a smart, healthy and happy next generation is a mission that can bring many benefits to our societies, that’s why I also work together with professional sport-cultural or social organisations and municipalities.

Testimonial: > "An eye-opener for all parents"



For this I developed 5 different PROGRAMS:

Infant Massage (0-1 year old)

I teach parents how to connect to their new borns, based on the principles of Vimala McClure ’s infant massage (International Organization of Infant Massage,

Infant massage is more than touching, and much more than a technique. It is a way of communicating, nurturing and loving each other while “speaking” the same language. Parents create in bonding moments a basis of security for their baby that will last forever. 

“Bonding is a unique relationship between two people. It is specific and endures through time." (M. Klaus).

> Foto-Gallery

Babyplay (0-2 years old)

‘Babyplay’ offers parents and other caregivers baby and toddler friendly skill-building activities that are easy and fun to do.  The baby’s brain is strongly influenced by the kinds of early experiences they receive. Also the perception of their  own body and it’s possibilities starts at very young age. A variety of interesting learning experiences can be provided by parents in a nurturing, positive and playful approach. In ‘babyplay’ we play together weekly and create a special playtime for two.

Each activity in our play session will help the child develop a range of skills, physical, emotional, social, or cognitive.

>  Foto gallery : "Babyplay"

Mommy & Me: (2-3 years old)

As a parent, you are your child's very first and favorite playmate. From the very beginning of your child's life, he or she plays with you. Mommy & me classes provide just the right amount of structured activities to stimulate a child's senses and teach them valuable skills. The age-appropriate activities keep children socially stimulated while helping them improve attention span and listening skills.

These activities include: Music & Movement, Arts & Crafts, Story Time, Free Play, Sensory Play. The classes are not separated by activity, such as music, movement and art; we combine them all into one class that remains consistent with how children learn best.

A loving foto gallery of momy & me playtime is this one: > "Mommy & me - bonding moments"

Active explorers (3-6 years old)

In my play activities with children I transform a well known space into a magical playground. We use simple creative materials, songs, drama and inventive games. All this gives a physical environment where a child can fully express himself. While playing, the emphasis lies on playing together, moving, imaginative development, relaxation, concentration and acquiring knowledge and language.

Look at this playful foto gallery

Teach the teacher

The Let's Play academy is a "teach the teacher" - program. A training for adults, whether working or not with children. The group plays with real toys, circle time -games, songs, and they are challenged to play with their personality, with the way "who they truely are."

The goal is to become closer to the inner-child and to be filled with energy, fun and lots of inspiration!

Video > "The magic of movement"  | Foto gallery: > "a learning to play again workshop for teachers"

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